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New additions to the HettCube family.

Our HettCube incubators are known for offering a large amount usable space despite their small footprint. Particularly in labs that need smaller sizes to complement them or where small incubators are used individually by lab staff, these two new additions HettCube 60 and HettCube 120 offer a great solution.

These compact table-top units are designed to meet the growing demand for smaller-sized incubators that can fit in tight spaces, while still offering the same superior performance and reliability as larger models.


The HettCube 60 and HettCube 120 are available in two versions with either natural or forced air convection, allowing users to choose the best option for their specific needs. The advantages of natural air convection are gentle temperature control and lower energy consumption. It is particularly suitable for samples that are sensitive to dehydration. Compared to natural air convection, forced air convection is significantly faster and more effective in reaching the temperature and in heat regeneration after the door is opened.


With a compact footprint and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the HettCube 60 and HettCube 120 are perfect for use in research labs, microbiology labs, and industrial labs. These incubators offer precise temperature control, adjustable shelving, and an easy-to-clean interior, making them ideal for a variety of applications, including cell culture, microbiology, and biochemical assays.


"We are thrilled to introduce these new models to our HettCube incubator family," said Dr. Peter Kunze, Director of Marketing and Sales at Andreas Hettich GmbH & CO. KG . "The HettCube 60 and HettCube 120 are designed to meet the needs of our customers who require smaller, yet high-quality incubators that deliver reliable and consistent performance."


The HettCube 60 and HettCube 120 are now available for order. For more information about these new products, please visit the product page  or contact your local Hettich representative.